Got hair loss? Get science on your side with Nutrafol.


Got hair loss? Get science on your side with Nutrafol.


Nutrafol is an all-natural supplement scientifically formulated to restore balding and thinning hair.

How It Works

One of the main causes of hair loss in adults is stress and hormonal imbalances. Nutrafol works to reduce hair loss and thinning as well as restore lost hair by naturally balancing the body’s stress and androgen hormones, neutralizing free radicals, and combatting inflammatory molecules that alter hair growth.

Why We Love It!

Hair Growth

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Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

Yes! Even if you’re not losing your hair, you can take Nutrafol to get a jump start on making your hair as resilient as you are. Nutrafol hair growth formulas are designed to treat hair health from a holistic approach. The boosts you get from the antioxidant and anti-stress properties in Nutrafol’s ingredients have been clinically-shown to improve hair growth and quality and to keep hair right where it belongs. Basically, making you healthier inside makes you glow on the outside. Some users have even reported other health benefits such as better moods, better sleep quality, and higher energy levels!

Nutrafol is suitable for most adults from all walks of life. There are four different formulas of Nutrafol designed to target different things: 3 for women (Women’s Balance, Peri-Menopausal, and Post-Partum), and 1 for men so, most people will find a supplement that is specifically designed for their issues.

With consistent use, 83% of Nutrafol users reported seeing a significant difference in their hair growth and scalp coverage in 3 to 6 months.