Preventative skincare and prejuvenation

Moxi Laser

Preventative skincare and prejuvenation

Moxi Laser

Moxi is a great treatment option for anyone who is just starting their skincare journey.

How It Works

Moxi works by using a random fractionated pattern at a specific strength to distribute microscopic depots of laser energy on the surface of the skin. The Moxi lightens and brightens the skin without creating any open wounds. This conclusion is highlighted in both Forever Young BBL Retrospective Evaluation of the Long-term Effects of BroadBand Light by Patrick Bitters and Jason Pozner; and the Gene Expression Study conducted through Stanford University.

Why We Love It!

Moxi treats:
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Before & After

Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

Most patients find that they are satisfied with their results in as little as 1-2 treatments. Initial results can be seen as soon as 1 week following the first procedure with full results taking effect after 3 months or so once collagen has had a chance to rebuild.

Recovery will vary from person to person, however, complete skin healing should only take 3 to 4 days.

You may experience some slight pinkness, redness, and small dots called “mendz” but they shouldn’t deter you from regular life so there is no actual downtime.